About Us

Meet The Man Behind The Cyber Curtain

Hi, folks!

Yes, I'm the one pulling the "levers" of this website, though I do get help from time to time. My name is Art Deekens and I'm happy to welcome all of you Christmas fans out there.

First, a bit about me. I grew up in Richmond, VA in the 1960's and 1970's. As an adult I've lived all over the country and visited all 50 states as well as numerous foreign countries.

For most of the last 25 years I've lived in Atlanta GA.

Among the things I enjoy include travel (of course), hiking, listening to music (yes, including Christmas music) and writing.

I am semi-retired from the airline industry and look forward to spending my "golden" years (I'm a baby boomer) years writing about subject areas I love. And Christmas is one of them.

I've been a fan of old fashioned Christmases since I can remember. I'm sure I'd bore everybody with all my "I remember when" stories, but I can say that Christmas as a kid was exciting.

I'd get to help pick out our family tree and decorate it. Soon relatives would be by to visit. Then there were family dinners where I could eat as much as I wanted...and not gain any weight! (I don't have that luxury today).

We all watched exciting Christmas shows, some of which remain even today. We listened to beautiful Christmas music. And we kids waited for the annual Christmas Eve visit by Santa.

It's true, as we learn from the "Charlie Brown Christmas" TV special each year: our holiday celebrations are getting too commercial...or they've gotten too commercial.

And, while I do enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas, I think the real appeal of the season is being able to enjoy being with family and friends...to take a brief break from the madness of everyday living to focus on things that really matter.

That's a huge reason why I have ventured to create this site.

I chose the topic of Christmas trees because I think it has become a great symbol of the season. Why not use it as a focal point for creating those long lasting memories that will brighten up many a day in the future.

So, again, welcome to my world. Go get your digital cameras...buy one if you don't have one!

And make those memories.

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