Artificial Christmas Tree Stands

Keep That Prized Tree From Becoming Horizontal!

The subject of artificial Christmas tree stands probably never crossed your mind if you are
reading this...that is until the stand anchoring your $1200 masterpiece broke...or perhaps
you wanted a more sturdy one for peace of mind.

Or maybe none of the above.

Whatever the reason, the issue is: with all the many artificial Christmas tree stands available, where do you find a good one?

Basically all artificial Christmas trees come with stands, yet manufacturers are producing a
lot of after-market stands that are selling well. You can see them advertised on Amazon or
specific Christmas goods sites.

What To Look For

The better artificial Christmas tree stands are more solidly built, i.e. out of metal, and span at least 25 to 30 inches to provide extra stability so the tree doesn't tip over. How many of us have learned this lesson the hard way!

And a set of supports under the stand always helps, especially if you want to avoid scratching your floor or carpet.

Innovative tree stands do something other than just provide a home for the tree. Two great examples include ones that rotate the tree and others that do the same with Christmas music
added in.

Some stands even come with wheels so you can whisk the tree away for storage after the
holidays (ramp for stairs not included) or move it around if you want it to have a new

One caveat if you're purchasing a new tree stand: make sure you measure the diameter of the artificial tree trunk before buying. Most vary between 1 and 2 inches. Be sure that your new
stand will handle the appropriate width.

Check Out These Stands!

Listed below are three good choices for static (i.e. non-revolving) artificial tree stands.
Check out my page on revolving Christmas tree stands for the "mobile" types.

  1. National Tree Company Folding Tree Stand- This American company has been making quality artificial trees for decades. Its tree stand is made of solid steel, folds up for easy storage and is hugely popular with consumers. Get the 24 inch model for 6-8 foot trees, the 36 inch model for larger ones. Price about $15.
  2. Vickerman Green Metal Christmas Tree Stand- The Vickerman Company has been in the home decor business since 1940 so you know they have "staying" power. This stand is 29 inches wide and folds for easy storage. Perfect for slightly larger trees as it accommodates up to 9.5 feet high. Buy through Christmas Central at just under $30.
  3. Bowling's Last Stand for Artificial Trees- This USA made three-legged stand costs a bit more but may very well be the last stand you'll get. It's made of solid steel and sports a floor width of 30 inches, so it will be very difficult for the tree to fall over. Get it through the Wayfair site for just under $90 on sale. Supports trees up to about 7 feet.

Hopefully, these suggestions for artificial Christmas tree stands will help you get started.
And for those of you replacing a stand that broke leaving your tree hopeless and horizontal,
you have my sympathies. And, I'm sure, the sympathies of many of us out there who have
suffered the same fate!

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