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Buy Christmas Lights The Old Fashioned Way...

I know there are some of you who need to visit an actual store to buy Christmas lights, even plug in the lights to make sure they work.

I understand. There's nothing worse than getting home after purchasing and discovering
that some of them are dark.

If you really need to go to a physical store, here are my three top choices for places to buy Christmas lights:

Home Depot

Home Depot carries a whole host of different styles and brands of Christmas tree lights. You may want to look at the "Home Accents" brand of lights, Home Depot's own brand. They're cheaper than the others.

Where Home Depot really shines is in their Christmas light recycling program. This applies only if you are exchanging your old incandescent light strings for LED lights. As of this writing, they give you up to $5 credit per string for up to 5 strings per customer.

NOTE: the program only runs for a couple of weeks. In 2012, the program ran from Nov. 1 through Nov. 14.

Walmart or Sam's Club

Walmart is a great place to buy Christmas lights, due in part to its ubiquitous presence, numbering about 8500 stores worldwide as of 2012. This means for most of you, you're never far from a Walmart store.

And not only that, but their selection is great.

If you have a Sam's club membership (Sam's is part of Walmart) you can really save on good quality incandescent and LED lights. Annual dues are from $40 to $100 but if you buy even a few items per year the membership is well worth it.

Ace Hardware

Like Walmart, Ace Hardware is located in all 50 states so you'll generally be close to one of them. They are smaller than the typical big box retailers so you are more likely to get someone to assist you if needed.

Ace has a good selection of lights, including premium commercial grade lights. Prices
can be a bit high, but the quality is great.

...Or Check Out The Christmas Lights Store Living Inside Your Computer!

Why get the car out and drive through all that bad weather...or traffic? What if you could buy Christmas lights from a store that specializes in them, and never leave your house?

Great news! There are some online stores that "shine" when it comes to selling Christmas lights.

Being offline gives these stores the flexibility to offer, in my opinion, a far superior and extensive array of options than even many big box retailers.

Here are my top three choices:


What's not to like about Amazon? Their website is the fifth most visited in America! They are able to offer just about any brand of Christmas light imaginable through numerous partnerships and an enviable distribution system.

As a result, you have many choices. Knowing the specific type of light or brand name will help narrow that list down.

Christmas Lights Etc.

This Atlanta-based online retailer will gladly help you buy your lights, since they specialize in them. CLE has been cranking out Christmas decorations since 2000. The company comes with an "A" rating by both the Better Business Bureau and "Angie's List". 

1000 Bulbs

This Dallas-based online lighting retailer has been in business around 15 years and has won numerous "fastest growing business" awards in the last five. If you check out the customer ratings online they're always near the top. Their website has won awards and is very easy to navigate.

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