Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Turn That Plain Tree Into A Dazzling Display!

Need some Christmas tree decorating ideas? Want to jazz up that dull looking tree?

Christmas tree decorating ideas, you say? I mean, unless you grew up in a mansion or are a decorator by trade, you probably didn't think too much about it growing up.

Your tree decorations included maybe three or four strings of multicolored lights, a couple of boxes of glass ball ornaments and some handmade ornaments with family photos on them.

And, of course, tinsel hung one strand at a time.

Today, I think, people are much more conscious of how their tree looks. Or that's what one would think by scanning the "holiday editions" of home and garden magazines!

If you just want a basic primer on tree decorating, do check out my guide on how to decorate a Christmas tree.


If you really want some great ideas that will "wow" your neighbors this season, you may want to check out some good home and/or garden magazines and websites like:

  • Better Homes and Gardens (
  • Home and Garden Television- HGTV (
  • House Beautiful (
  • Country Living (
  • Martha Stewart Living (

Or...if you have some cash to shell out, why not hire an interior decorator yourself. They have the styles and colors figured out. And some even specialize in holiday decorating.

They actually enjoy shopping for decorations. Just keep a close watch on the budget,
especially since it's your money they're spending!

Speaking Of Themes And Colors

Many people choose to decorate "theme based" trees. For example, you may enjoy golf and so want to clothe your tree with all things golf. So buy ornaments like colored golf balls, statuettes of famous golfers, miniature clubhouses and so on.

Others are careful to coordinate the color scheme of their tree with the colors of the room it's placed in.

The possibilities are endless...

For more information, check out my page on Christmas tree themes.

Here's a neat decorating idea: choose a "loud" tree color like red, black, pink or fuchsia and make the tree itself the center of attention. Add some white lights and colored ornaments that complement the color of the tree.

As you might imagine, coming up with Christmas tree decorating ideas is highly subjective. I'm sure if you asked 200 interior decorators how to decorate a tree you would get 200 different answers...maybe even 500 or 1000!

So hopefully the (growing) resources of this website will help you come up with creative ways to adorn your Christmas tree.

And don't hesitate to send in your own decorating ideas via our feedback forms!

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