Discount Prelit Christmas Trees

Some Important Options To Consider

Finding discount prelit Christmas trees is actually not that difficult. You just need to know what you're looking for and where to look.

I know, with money sometimes being tight, you want to make your cash last as long as possible. There seem to be so many options available. Google ads and website banners are tugging at you day and night saying, "look at me"! So what's one to do?

Fortunately, there are at least several ways to save money by purchasing discount prelit Christmas trees for your holiday. You might try a typical discount goods store like Walmart. You can buy a lower end artificial prelit tree there for under $100...anytime.

Just be aware you'll sacrifice a bit on quality. You may not get as many branch tips or lights. Your stand may be made of cheaper plastic. But if you care for it properly your tree will still last for many years.

Other companies like Amazon and Home Depot charge slightly more. At Amazon you'll pay about $110 for a discount tree. Home Depot discount trees average $200 to $300 for cheaper models.

But if you know when to purchase discount prelit Christmas trees, you can get a very good one for less. You won't get one as cheap as $100 but you can get a tree for $400 that might cost over $1000 in peak season. And these are trees that can last 10 years or longer!

What is peak season, you ask? Good question! Pretty much anytime from November 1 through Christmas Day your tree will come at a jolly (read: high) price. So if you can make do with your old tree (or hand-me-down, maybe even a live one) this season, be the first person in line the day after Christmas and you'll reap some great deals. Even 50% off or greater in some cases!

But if you're sold on getting that nice Fraser or Douglas Fir for less, you may also consider buying online during a "Christmas in July" sale. And those often carry over into August and September. Good news is the online stores sell many items year-round.

If you go this route, be on the lookout for deals on good name brands. Among them include: Barcana, Vickerman, Santa's Own, GE "Just Cut", and National Tree Company.

Here's another thought: there are some sites like "Deal News" ( and "BFads" ( that scour the web relentlessly for deals on everything from toasters to, you guessed it, holiday decorations.

If you visit their site and ask to be "reminded" anytime a certain item (i.e. your prized tree) gets really discounted, you'll get an e-mail when prices drop.

Finally, you can check Ebay or Craigslist. The main drawback here is, of course, your supply is more limited and, especially with Craigslist. you don't always know what you're getting. So buyer beware!

With all the options available for buying discount prelit Christmas trees, hopefully you'll be able to find one to suit your fancy.

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