Christmas Tree Memories

Your Best Guide To Finding And Decorating The Perfect Christmas Tree

Your home Christmas tree sets the mood for celebrating this festive time of the year. You want to buy and decorate a tree that you and your family will remember for years to come.

Are you looking for information on Christmas trees? Maybe you're spending your first Christmas out on your own. Or you've just moved into a new house and want to find that special tree that will make your Christmas come alive.

Few experiences in life compare to the joy and excitement of Christmas. Imagine sitting with your family in front of a warm, crackling fireplace, sipping on chocolate lattes, listening to heartwarming Christmas carols or watching "It's A Wonderful Life" on television.

Such a scene would be woefully incomplete without that special decorated tree to look at, with its blinking lights and delightful evergreen smell.

I've enjoyed decorating trees since I was young. I remember the one Christmas we bought a Balsam fir measuring over 10' high! I had to climb the staircase to decorate the top once we got it into our house.

Decorating that masterpiece was a pleasure. I remember carefully stringing those old-vintage C7 lights around the tree so that it looked just right, followed by even spacing of our treasured ball ornaments and other various handmade items.

And putting the tinsel on the branches was the icing on the cake- it made the tree sparkle with shine and beauty!

Live Christmas Trees Vs. Artificial Christmas Trees- Which One Do I Choose?

Many folks, like me, like both live trees and artificial ones, for different reasons. But others strictly favor one or the other. In fact, this has become quite a lively debate, much like politics or religion!

Be sure to check out these sections of the website for helpful information.

We'll explore all the pros and cons of different types of Christmas trees available. There are SO many options to choose from: prelit trees, upside down trees (yes they actually exist), half trees (really), even "Charlie Brown" trees.

And if you buy a live tree you may want to consider venturing beyond your local supermarket tree lot. Why not take a trip to a tree farm where you can cut your own tree (or even have it cut for you)? No doubt you'll remember that experience for years to come.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas- Where Do I Begin?

Getting your tree set up is only the first step. Decorating is where the real fun begins.

Maybe you need some ideas.

It used to be that you had only two or three choices for Christmas lights. Oh for a simpler time! Of course I do NOT miss trying to find that pesky burned-out bulb that caused my whole light string to go dark. I'm sure some can relate.

Today there are a dozen or more different types of Christmas lights. Here are some examples-traditional indoor C7 lights (like your parents had on their tree when they were kids), mini-lights, globe lights, and the newest sensation, LED lights that use much less electricity and run much cooler.

And of course there are all kinds of exciting options available for Christmas ornaments. I'm sure most would agree that the homemade ornaments- like the ones that have family pictures or were made by your children- warm your heart the most.

Well, you just HAVE to check out the section on Christmas tree decorating ideas. I think you'll find some helpful tips.

Please Share Your Christmas Tree Stories!

Since I'm a history buff, I've also delved into the history of the Christmas tree and some of the nostalgia of Christmas from days gone by. I hope you enjoy reading about some of the ways we older folks used to "do" Christmas.

And, as you'll see throughout the site, I welcome contributions and suggestions from my visitors. So if you have a favorite type of Christmas tree, great tips on decorating, or even a heartwarming story to share, please pass it on!

Because for that special time that occurs only once each year, you want to take special care to buy and decorate a tree that will make memories...that will generate stories you and your family can share for years to come.

May you be blessed in this upcoming Christmas season!


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