Live Christmas Trees

Find Out Why They're Still Popular!

I must admit I am partial to live Christmas trees. I mean, there's something about that pleasant evergreen smell, the feeling of having a part of nature taking up that empty corner in the den at Christmastime.

By going "real" you support an American tree-growing industry employing 100,000 workers. In fact, by buying from local lots you often support great causes such as the Boy Scouts or
church youth groups.

I'm sure some of you have memories of Christmases long ago where going out and buying- and decorating- a live tree was a central part of your holiday celebration. And you younger folks
may remember your parents or grandparents reminiscing about such times.

Did you know that most of the nearly 30 millions trees sold each year come from tree farms in
just a handful of states? That wasn't always the case...used to be that most of them came
directly from the forest.

Advantages Of Having A Real Tree

So why get a live tree with all the artificial options available?

For one, live trees create atmosphere! That fresh feel and unique evergreen scent will surely fill you with the holiday "spirit" for weeks. And buying one, whether at a lot or a tree farm, is an
experience, not just another retail purchase.

Secondly, buying one indirectly supports the environment. There are currently hundreds of
millions of real trees growing on tree farms; these trees absorb unhealthy carbon dioxide and
emit fresh oxygen into the air.

You also contribute to the increasing population of trees since up to three new tree seedlings are planted for every tree harvested. (Source: National Christmas Tree Association)

And once the season is over, the trees can be recycled by grinding them into mulch for
playgrounds, hiking paths and backyards. They have also been used in preventing erosion,
providing cover for wildlife, even to generate electricity!


Live Christmas trees are cool, but the downside is you still have to replace them every year.
And yes, there are the fallen needles that burrow their way into your carpet or litter the

Plus live Christmas trees dry out the longer you keep them, which can become a fire hazard.
You can prevent this by keeping that water flowing!

There is, of course, the job of hauling them from the lot to your car to your house. And then out
to the street after the Christmas season.

And to be honest, you're not ever going to get a perfect tree, so you may have problems getting
that crooked trunk to fit into the stand. Or finding a way to turn the tree so that you hide that not-so-nice side.

But, truth be told, this is a reasonable price to pay for creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Get Live Christmas Trees From A Farm...

You know the obvious places to get a live tree!

But if you really want an experience you'll never forget, why not visit one of the 15,000
national tree farms to get your tree. You can cut your own tree or have it cut for you. They
even provide the saw.

Some tree farms "roll out the red carpet" to welcome their guests. Picture yourself not only
buying a fresh tree but taking a hay ride with your kids, or sipping on some warm apple cider
by a bonfire while your kids visit with Santa.

Or watching your kids' excitement as they feed and pet the farm animals!

Or Buy Them Online!

It certainly makes sense that, with all the trending towards online buying of everything, Christmas tree retailers would want to get in on the action. And indeed they have.

Beginning just a few years ago, big box retailers like Walmart and Home Depot began allowing
their customers to buy Christmas trees online. More retailers are joining in.

But why do that when you can get a better quality tree by dealing directly with the tree
farmer? This is an option not as many people know about, but it's a good one. And by going
direct you save the markup fee the local retail store adds.

Find out more about how to buy a Christmas tree online here.

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